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We at Amplifico firmly believe in achieving the quality of all services and products. The three technology sectors that form Amplifico work together coherently to bring superb solutions, products and services to our clients in an optimal ratio of cost and quality.


Every form of modern business requires a window into the digital world, web pages that are tailored to the need of every user. Entrust the creation of your web pages to us and together with our team of expert engineers and designers create the window that represents you to your clients.


The biggest passion of the Amplifico team is the creation of smart home systems and enabling the connection between technology and people. We make your wishes and visions into reality Become a part of the Internet of things and start interacting witht he world around you.


The number of user using mobile devices increases at a rapid speed, its the platform that shows the biggest potential to grow. We stand at your service to introduce you to the market and the technology with our exciting and modern mobile and web applications.

Our skills

We posses the knowledge and creativity for designing and creating new and exciting things.

Web technology

Mobile technology

Smart home


Why pick us?

6 reasons to answer that question.


We take orders from our clients very seriously and we always guarantee to make our deliveries in the scheduled client timetable.


In Amplifco we take care for the smallest detail, and every project is individually approached with the highest does of profesionalism.


All our projects show the expertise and competence of our work. All the parts of Amplifico are formed of highly educated and experienced people.


Taking into consideration that we live in a time of cyber vulnerabilities, we at Amplifico, guarantee you a secure everyday usage!


Our every project is a tale for it self and is a reference for future business so we approach every task with great responsibility.


We guarantee the lowest price in providing our solutions, services and products with maximum quality. Start making your ideas into reality today.

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Some data about our work.







Countdown to the release of the Can't be lost system for locating lost possesions.

Leave your mail and we will notify you when the Can't be lost system comes to the market.

About us

Beginning of Amplifico

A group of students from the university of electronics, mechanics and shipworking from Split who were always described as technology enthusiast and who worked on pirvate project, joined forces and started developing big project combining their previously acquired knowledge. Their most influental project was recognised by the university and they got substantial financial support for their work. Step by step the team was approached by clients and started developing web pages, mobile applications and smart home systems. The premises of the university soon started to become small, so they decided to relocate to a bigger, own place. That team is now called Amplifico, and everything else belongs to history.

Client feedback

Client feedback

Uragan Split

I am very pleased with the speed and quality of work from Amplifico and their ongoing support, services and web upkeep.

izrada web stranica split - bjj uragan

@Hrvoje Znaor, Split
Vlasnik JJK-a Uragan

ZOO Shop, Salzburg

They always succeed in positively surprising me, they stick to the agreed timetables and thier products keep their clients satisfied.

izrada web stranica i web shopa - zoo shop

@Ante Kovačević, Salzburg
Manager at ZOO shop

Ergović construction

An excellent team of young enthusiasts who are filled with creative ideas. They helped me greatly in the creation of a concept of a web and mobile solution.

Egović građenje, web stranica

@Ivica Ergović, Solin
Direktor Ergović građenja

3D Studio

I am thrilled by the broad pallet of services that Amplifico offers. With a complete visual solution, I am very happy with the web server that you interfaced to our 3D printer via micro-controller.

Mobilne aplikacije split

@Marinko Hrgović, Split
3D Studio


Great work, great design, high level of professionalism. Sites are responsive and have everything that i wanted.

Izrada web aplikacija split

@Tanja Matenda, Vancouver
CEO PoolPro

Sičić d.o.o.

Very pleased with the mobile app for the light control, garden sprinklers and pool temperature sensor. Love the design and simplicity of the mobile app!

Web stranice za apartmane

@Josip Sičić, Omiš
CEO Sičić

Our history

Travel trough time with us and our products!

  • Company start


    Amplifico was formed in 2014 and since then is an active IT member with the constant focus of business optimisation and service providing.

  • Participation in the show Snaga volje

    Amplifico Snaga volje

    Amplifico is the finalist of the first croatian business reality. All the members of Amplifico are honored for the chance to participate in encouraging business in Croatia.

  • Fish Feeder

    Smart home uređaji split

    Work on a project for the global market where the feeding of aquarium animals would be done using a mobile application and automated timetable.

  • Eco-map

    izrada web aplikacije eko karta Hrvatske i BiH

    First interactive card of pollution in the area of Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina

  • Details of a new project comming soon ...


    Amplifico was formed in 2014 and since then is an active IT member with the constant focus of business optimisation and service providing.

"The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn't think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential. ".

(Steve Ballmer)

Meet the team

We are here for you

Dario Boras

CEO/Board member

Dario Boras CEO

Karlo Gašpar

CTO/Mobile development

Karlo Gašpar CTO

Marko Smoljo

COO/Web development

Marko Smoljo COO

Josip Labrović


Josip Labrović

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